Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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I wanted to prepare a report and show the information it contained in a more interactive format. There was no time for any software installation, so I selected your service. It helped me to convert my PDF without losing any quality.



I like this service much more than using other software. It successfully converted my PDF and it was for free. That is a really good solution for anyone!



I scanned my sample in PDF, but I didn’t know how to add this information to a PPT presentation. Thanks to this website, I’ve managed to complete the conversion process in a few minutes. Now I can finish my presentation without any problems.



I used to work a lot with PDFs. I realized the other day that I would need to convert my file into a PowerPoint formatted document, so I decided to browse for a free solution. I’m so glad I found this because why should I pay money for something that I’m only going to use once? Your service transformed my document without losing any quality. Great job!



I never thought it would be so easy! I easily transformed my PDF template into .ppt format anonymously and securely. I didn’t even have to spend a single dollar on it! I love it!



I needed the PDF to PPT converter to prepare a presentation for my college course. I had to process a lot of information, and there was no time for installation or to research any new software. Your website did me a huge favor! Thank you!



I really love this product because it’s anonymous and free of charge. But the best thing is that I don’t need to spend extra time to understand the interface, since it was so simple in use! I will recommend this to my friends!



This PDF to PPT converter did the exact thing I needed and for free! I was suspicious about free solutions, thinking a free platform couldn’t provide you with good results. But this solution changed my mind when I got a perfect presentation as a result.



I do not like working with complicated systems or being overwhelmed with tons of buttons. That’s why I selected this platform. It’s very simple to use and when I do the conversion I get the quality I like. Excellent stuff!